Dr. Ashish Kale is a well-known IVF specialist and director of Ashakiran Hospital and Asha IVF Center. He has consistently strived to be the source of true delight for young couples through providing infertility and hysteroscopy treatments.

Dr. Ashish Kale has extensive expertise in Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, all kinds of pelvic surgeries and retroperitoneal dissections.

Dr. Kale has performed obstetric operations like L.S.C.S. and Destructive procedures, along with laparoscopic procedures such as T.L.H., adnexal surgeries, adhesiolysis, along with hysteroscopic procedures. He has also performed surgeries like vaginal hysterectomies, N.D.V.H., abdominal hysterectomies, and myomectomies, amongst many others.


Dr. Ashish Kale  (India)

Obstetrician Gynecologist