The ultimate aim of Obstetric Anesthesiology Medicine is to provide pain relief; it could be short-term or long-term. This is done through various methods, and one of them is Anesthesia. It induces temporary loss of sensation to facilitate both minor and major medical procedures. Anesthesiologists are required to demonstrate skill and precision, and therefore, play a major role in anesthetizing a patient before any surgical procedure.

e-Learning Obstetric Anesthesia (e-OA) is a joint initiative undertaken by the Royal College of Anesthetists and e-Learning for Healthcare, intended primarily to provide access to the knowledge base that is required to support specialist training in Anesthesia. e-OA delivers the knowledge and key concepts that underpin the anesthetic curriculum and help trainees prepare for the EXAM-PRO.

The key components that Obstetric Anaesthesia e-OA offers are:

Over 450 knowledge-based eLearning sessions covering the first two years of the curriculum
A selection of MCQ-based revision tutorials covering commonly examined topics
Formative assessments with feedback (e-assessments) that will introduce trainees to the Primary MSERM (Basic Science Content) and Final EXAM-PRO (Clinical Content)
Articles and associated assessments (e-OA) to support general and core topic training and development
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What you will learn:

key aspects of anesthesiology.
The sections of the course are as follows:

Introduction to Clinical Obstetric Anaesthesia
Consolidating Basic Clinical Practice
Introduction to Critical Care
Anesthesia in the Elderly
Exam Preparation
Obstetrics – Intermediate Level

Safe Use of Equipment
Eligibility: Medical students and graduates of anaesthesia