Frequently Asked Questions For Embryologists

Question 1: What should I do if I don’t have enough conventional IVF cases to meet the logbook requirements?

Answer: You must have the 50 cases of conventional IVF as part of the logbook. If you are unable to undertake this in your own clinic, we recommend considering this work in collaboration with another clinic.

Question 2: If a patient during one cycle has many oocytes/embryos cryopreserved but different embryologists did the cryopreservation in each oocyte/embryo, how can we count them?

Answer: There is no limit in the number of oocytes/embryos to be cryopreserved for a case to be accountable for the logbook, so, it is acceptable to consider that more than one embryologist did one case of oocyte/embryo cryopreservation provided the whole procedure was undertaken.

Question 3- What happens if my previous boss doesn’t endorse my logbook?

Answer: We rely on the professionalism of your previous employer to provide a true account of embryology tasks undertaken at that clinic. However, MSERM cannot get involved in politics between clinics.

Question 4- Are there any changes in the logbook requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Answer: No, the minimum requirements of 30 cases/cycles for each of the 9 procedures remain.

Question 5- Can I also use a USB-plugin webcam for the online exam?

Answer: No, you need a laptop with an integrated camera because we need all cameras to be in the exact same position during the exam. There is no time to check/confirm the camera position of each participant individually.

Question 6- Can I apply directly to NUFFIC for validation of my diploma(s)?

Answer: It is possible to apply individually via IDW – International Credential Evaluation but it costs 148,83EUR per validation. It is recommended to follow the MSERM validation procedure as we have negotiated a reduced fee.

Question 7- Can I use my training experience (with spare material) for my logbook?

Answer: Training with spare material is not considered as regular experience. Only the treatment procedures with real patients count.

Question 8- Can MD holders practising embryology apply for the senior embryology exam?

Answer: Sure, MD is regarded as equivalent to MSc/PhD regarding the academic qualification for becoming a senior clinical embryologist. You must however document that you have the necessary practical experience working as an embryologist, to be allowed to sit the exam.

Question 9-Do embryo transfers (ET) also include the ETs from the category thawing/warming?

Answer: For the logbook, an embryo transfer is any event where an embryo(s) is transferred. This includes transfer of thawed/warmed embryos.

Question 10- Do I have to buy all of the books on the reading list?

Answer: No, we simply advise you to follow the curriculum. We have a suggested reading list. However, you are welcome to find your own books on the topics. If you have recommended texts, please let us know.

Question 11- How can I attach additional documents to my application when it is under review?

Answer: When you type something in “My comments” 2 buttons will appear “More options” and “Save”. If you click “More options” you will have the possiblity to attach a file.

Question 12- How do I validate my degree through NUFFIC?

MSERM will take care of the validation process. The costs for diploma validation are covered by the exam fee.  After submitting your application you will be informed by email about the payment procedure. If the exam fee is not received within the given deadline it will be declined and replaced by the next one on the waiting list.

Question 13- How should I count the logbook procedures for zygote and embryo evaluation?

This should be counted per patient and not per embryo.
I have enough years of experience but the system doesn’t allow me to submit.
For at least 5 of the 9 procedures, you need to have 3 years (for the clinical exam) or 6 years (for the senior exam) hands-on experience in order to submit your application.

Question 14- I’m not sure my application is submitted correctly. What should I do?

If you filled the application form correctly, you will be able to print your submission statement form. You will only be able to officially submit your application after having uploaded this form (signed!) back into the online application form. You will receive an email to confirm your submission and in another email you will receive the link to settle the payment of the exam fee.

If there are still missing items in your application, you will not be able to print your submission statement form but you will see a “validate” button at the bottom. The sections whith missing items will be marked with a red line on the right side. By clicking on these red sections, you will be able to complete them.

If your application doesn’t contain your signed submission statement form, it will not be considered for review.

Question 15- I’m the lab director. Can I sign as a supervisor for my own logbook?

No, you cannot be your own supervisor.
In exceptional circumstances the supervisor can be someone without IVF laboratory experience, provided this person is an MSERM member and can guarantee that you have actually done what is in your logbook.

Question 16- Is the start date of my contract also the start date of my logbook procedures?

No, you need to mention the start date of the 9 procedures separately in the order you started to perform them (without assistance).

Question 17- Should I send any hard copies (logbook, qualifications) to the central office?

No, all required documents should be uploaded into your online application form.

What happens when my laptop is not working on the day of the exam?
Unfortunately, after the installation period, the exam software cannot be installed on another device so you will not be able to take the exam.
Make sure to inform us via [email protected] that you will not be participating.

Question 18- What to do with a person who was in IVF for 7 years
then 8 years in human genetics lab and now back in IVF? Does this count for the logbook experience?

Those years in the lab do count as logbook experience if the applicant can provide signed logbooks for at least 3 or 6 years and was working again in the lab within the 2 years prior to the exam.

Question 19- When will I know whether I’m accepted or not to sit for the exam?

All applications for which the exam fee has been received will be reviewed by the Embryology Certification Steering Committee. Applicants will be informed of their decision by end of March.
If the exam fee is not received within the given deadline, the application will be declined and replaced by the next one on the waiting list.

Question 20- Where can I check if I missed any messages about my application?

In the section “My received e-mails” you can find an overview of the messages we have sent regarding your application.
You can also use this EXAM link: https://………………………………/

Question 21- Where can I find the submission statement form?

This form can only be printed when your application has been validated. There is a validation button at the bottom of the application form and by clicking it, all sections which are not completed yet will be marked with a red line on the right side. You can click directly on the section to open it.

Question 22- When all sections are correctly filled, a green line will show on the right side after using the validation button and the button to print the submission statement form will appear.

This form needs to be printed and signed before uploading it back into the application form in order to formally submit your application. After correct submission of the application form the applicant will receive a confirmation by email. An example of the submission statement form can be found below. This example cannot be used to submit. All data will be automatically filled with the applicant’s data when clicking the button to print the submission statement form. Please make sure your browser is not blocking pop-ups in order to generate/print the submission statement form.

Question 23- Who can be listed as a reference?

Is it better that they are clinicians than embryologists?
In principle a reference can be either, provided that they can testify that the candidate has a relevant and sufficient practical experience. However, they should preferably be MSERM members/MSERM certified embryologists. References should be different from logbook supervisors.

Question 24- Who will evaluate the applications?

Short DescriptThe certification process will be managed by the MSERM Embryology Certification Steering Committee .ion