Online Submission Guideline

All submissions will be reviewed based on technical merit, readability, relevance and originality. If you have any question or queries about the submission process, check details below or contact us.

Submission Deadlines

Final Round of Abstarct Submission Will end on

September 26, 2023


Abstracts should be structured following a number of sub-headings:

Maximum Number of Words:

  1. Abstract title: 25
  2. Study question: 25
  3. Summary answer: 25
  4. What is known already: 100
  5. Study design, size, duration: 75
  6. Participants/materials, setting, methods: 75
  7. Main results and the role of chance: 200
  8. Limitations, reasons for caution: 50
  9. Wider implications of the findings: 50
  10. Study funding/competing interest(s): select option

Each sub-heading will only be allowed a fixed number of words, as mentioned above. The full abstracts must not exceed a maximum of 650 words.

Please observe the following while preparing the submission of your abstract:

  • Abstracts should be submitted in English only.
  • Abbreviations can be used after defining them first.
  • The use of graphs, tables and images is strongly discouraged.
  • Abstract title. Do not use capital letters and do not indent. The title should reflect the content.
  • List the authors. The name of the first author listed will be the presenting author. Do not include professional titles or degrees.
  • Prepare a minimum of at least two, maximum five keywords.
  • Authors are urged to carefully consider the list of topics, before indicating the single most appropriate topic for their abstract.

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