PhD research project focused on DNA methylation defects associated with male infertility. My work was awarded by the SMRU in 2011 and I was also selected for oral communications at the 26th annual meeting of ESHRE and at the 67th annual meeting of ASRM. I currently work as an embryologist at Hopital Saint-Joseph in Marseille France where I have a major role in publication and communication. I have served a term of two years as the junior deputy of the SIGE and I am now very enthusiastic to remain a member of the SIGE, as a Deputy, in order to achieve the projects recently launched.

Debbie Montjean MD, PhD
Embryologist | Marseille, Bouche-du-Rhone, France
Specialities: Reproductive Endocrinology
Speaks about: Reproductive Medicine, Molecular Biology.


Dr. Debbie Montjean,(France)

 IVF laboratory director ESHRE certified senior  embryologist