Marie-Hélène has a bachelor’s degree in Physiology from McGill University, which she got in 2019. Fertility and women’s health sparking her interest, she decided to undertake a master’s degree at McGill University in Experimental Medicine. Her project’s main focus was evaluating the role of the immune system during the process of embryo implantation.

Marie-Hélène had a clear idea for her future: to work in the field of fertility. Living on the North Shore and having heard good things about the reputation of Fertilys as well as that of its doctors, she joined our team in September 2021.

“I am in charge of organizing research projects, bringing new ideas to life, and performing experimental tasks relating to each project. One of the projects I am working on is using hypnosis by virtual reality during potentially stressful and painful procedures to provide additional comfort to patients. I am also working on several other research projects including immunophenotyping blood from patients with recurrent implantation failure, evaluating PLC-Zeta levels in sperm samples (a topic for which I just won the award for the best clinical paper at the CFAS), and using microfluidic chambers for sperm preparation for intrauterine insemination treatments (previously only used for In Vitro Fertilization). I value my work as research can lead to a significant impact on patient diagnosis, treatment options and pregnancy outcomes.


Dr Marie-Hélène Godin Pagé, Canada

Clinical research project manager at Fertilys.