Prof. Medhat Amer,  Chairman of Andrology department, Cairo University. former president of the Andrology Mediterranean Association and Egyptian society of Andrology is currently the President of the Egyptian Society of Reproductive Medicine; and chairs one of the largest Andrology and ART hospital and satellite clinics in the Middle East: Adam International Hospital.Prof. Amer graduated from Cairo University’s Medical School, in 1981. Subsequently, after completing an internship at the Andrology Department of Cairo University, he joined the Andrology-urology Department of Saint Antoine Hospital in Paris for 3 years as part of an extra residency program.After obtaining a diploma for Andrology and a diploma for microsurgical techniques at the University of Paris VI, he was appointed as Consultant of Andrology at Paris Hospitals from 1987 until 1991. After procuring the title: ‘Assistant étranger des Hôpitaux de Paris’, along with the Certificate of Biology of Reproduction and Development, and the prestigious title: ‘Maitre Es Sciences Medicales’ for andrology from Academie de PARIS, Prof. Amer went on to join the medical staff of the Andrology Department at Cairo University, where he is currently a Professor of Andrology.Furthermore, Prof. Amer is notable for establishing and chairing one of the largest Andrology and ART Hospital and satellite clinics in the Middle East (Adam International hospital); equipped with medical, surgical, microsurgical, laboratories and assisted conception facilities devoted to male infertility. Running successfully since 1995, the hospital was ISO certified in 2003 ISO Q9001-2000.



Prof. Dr. Medhat Amer, Egypt

Chairman & Professor of Andrology department, Cairo University.