Professor Sheena Lewis’ research has been focused on male infertility and in particular sperm DNA damage testing where her goal has been to identify causes of and treatments for male infertility by developing novel biomarkers, where she led a research team in Queens University Belfast; a member of the prestigious Russell group. Professor Lewis is an executive member of Association of Reproductive and Clinical Scientists and Chair of their Scientific Advisory Committee. She has been Chair of the British Andrology Society, national representative for UK and chair of the Andrology special interest group of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, a member of the executive committee of the British Fertility Society and a founder member and Vice Chair of the Irish Fertility Society. She has published over 120 full papers and book chapters and numerous reviews. Her H index is 41.7 with 10,222 citations and 39,871 reads indicating the esteem of her work by her colleagues.

She is committed to raising ethical debate, particularly in issues relating to ART, within the medical and scientific undergraduate curriculum. She also has a strong commitment to public engagement with research and regularly communicates her team’s latest research findings through international TV, radio and online interviews. Her research has led to her founding and becoming CEO of a University scale up company; ExamenLab Ltd marketing male fertility and miscarriage tests.



Prof, Sheena Lewis, UK

CEO Examen ; Honorary Professor, Executive committee