Individual registrations

Members as well as non-members will have to register to have access to the meeting programme. Members of MSERM (in good standing order at the time
of registration) will have the opportunity to register at strongly reduced registration fees. Find out all about MSERM membership and its many benefits

Register now by clicking here.


Group registrations

Organisations (i.e. companies, institutions etc.) who wish to support individuals and register groups can do so by purchasing a given number of individual registration codes, which they can distribute to individuals of their choice. The individuals who receive these codes can use them to register for the annual meeting.

Register now by clicking here.


Visitor registrations

In addition to the above, free access is offered to individuals who only wish to visit the virtual exhibit and Industry sponsored sessions. This option does not include access to the official scientific programme (i.e. precongress courses and main programme).


Payment of registration fees:

Payment in Euro should be made in advance by one of the following means:

  1. Credit Card:

Print your name exactly as it appears on the credit card, credit card number CVC code and expiration date.

  1. Bank to bank transfer to MSERM in Euro

MSERM bank details are as follows:

  • Name: MSERM
  • Beneficiary ; Moroccan Society for Endometriosis and Reproductive Medicine . “MSERM”
  • RIB Bank Account ; 007780000429500030546877
  • IBAN ; International Bank Account Number .
  • Bank Name ;  AttijariWafa Bank
  • Bank Address : 69 Rue Prince Moulay Abdellah Casablanca Morocco.

Clearly mention name and/or registration number with the bank transfer. Remittance should be free of charge to the recipient.

Personal cheques and bank drafts cannot be accepted!

Important information

Registrations can only be validated and confirmed when accompanied by payment.
Early rates (i.e. before 29 April 2022) only apply when registration AND payment are received BEFORE 29 April 2022.
When registrations AND/OR payments are received AFTER 28 April 2022, then the corresponding late fees will automatically apply.
Payments by bank transfer will only be possible until  17 November 2022. Afterwards, payments can only be done by credit card.